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The Sentry MDU (Multi Data Unit) suite of mobile solutions is THE next generation 5G / 4G-LTE communication unit and mobile camera solution.

The Sentry MDU software uses the high-performance features available in a standard smartphone integrated with a Data Server and Desktop Client (optional) to provide real-time video transmission, GPS tracking, automated data upload, and remote access and control capability. Nothing else on the market comes close!

When used as a body-cam, vehicle dash-cam, sports camera or a remote access surveillance camera, the advanced audio/video features provide for real-time video streaming, voice activation, motion detection, remote control and more. Sentry MDU will allow simultaneous video feeds from multiple other users to display on your mobile device (Cell Phone or Tablet).

Whether you are a First Responder (Police, Fire, Rescue) and use the advanced capabilities in your job, or a sponsor of sporting events to live-stream video and GPS tracks from participants or a member of the general public using the device to monitor an elderly parent in their home (or a family member traveling overseas), the Sentry MDU System will enable you to connect to others anywhere in the world. We think that is pretty cool.

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